Monday, October 3, 2011

A Change of Perspective

When I started this blog I really felt that I had some tips to share with the world on keeping your house clean. So many things have changed since I started, I had my fourth child and we moved from a 2200 sq. ft condo to a 2700 sq. foot house with a yard. I've started to craft more, play more, sleep a bit more ;), I'm down to one child at home for most of the day and I refuse to use my "me time" while he naps cleaning, except for Mondays when I clean the house. I like to use that time to nap myself, bake, cook, read, sew, do a project, catch up with a friend, scrapbook, paint my nails, etc. Something that I enjoy and makes me a better wife and mother because I took care of myself. I know that sounds selfish but when I'm happy everyone is happier.
As far as cleaning goes I've made an elaborate chore/reward chart for the kids. The 12, 9, and 6, year old are perfectly capable of helping out around the house and it's important for them to learn the value of hard work. For example my nine year old wants $50 dollar ugly shoes. She is earning every last cent for those shoes because I'm hoping that she will learn the value of a dollar and she won't want to spend it all on ugly shoes!
So, the house isn't perfect, it's still quite clean and most of the time pretty straight but I've learned to let some things go until I can get to them. Like when the milk is sticking to the shelf every time I go to pull it out I know it's time to clean out the fridge. I still would encourage anyone out there to keep there house clean, but to live more and clean less. And for pete's sake clean the garbage can cupboard once in awhile so when your friends go to throw away garbage it's not revolting!!! :0)
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